Boku dake ga Inai Machi | EP 9

Saying that this episode had me on the edge of my seat would be a vast understatement.

So am I the only one who thinks Yashiro-sensei is super sketchy? I mean, there was the whole thing with the red eyes sometime near the beginning, not to mention that Sachiko seemed to recognize her killer, and that all the brief shots of the killer we’ve seen resemble our hapless sensei. This show has not exactly been subtle, and it’s almost impossible not to suspect the sensei at least a bit.

This episode did nothing to assail my concerns. If the show’s pointing fingers, all the attention landed directly on Yashiro-sensei’s shoulders. Why you do this to me, Boku dake whatever-the-rest -of-your-name-is?

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood | My First Anime

As I stated on my lovely About page, I hadn’t ever watched a single anime prior to the summer of 2014. As it was, I was spending countless sluggish days in bed on the phone or downstairs on the computer, bored out of my mind because I had already finished binge-watching the newest season of ANTM and didn’t have anything left to watch. (Looking back, I was sort of pitiful. Not to say I’m not still pitiful now either.)

I didn’t know much about anime, nor care. I knew people at my school who were into it, but it seemed like something that had nothing to do with my life. And really, back then, it didn’t.

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