Wilder: Ran’s Story | Thoughts

Aaaand she’s back. With thoughts on yet another game where you date 2D characters, of course.

This time, I’m here to offer my humble thoughts on a game called Wilder, created by [sonnet009 games]. The game has five total love interests, all of whom are djinn (the MC, who you get to name, is human), and takes place in a pseudo Middle Eastern setting–the ruler of the country is known as the Shah (a Persian term), the backgrounds suggest they’re in some sort of desert, etc. In this world, the djinn are seen as inferior to humans, being treated as nothing more than slaves, and MC is a girl from a rich, high-class family. You then get to guide her along and help her fall in love with the different djinn she encounters (yay!!!!)

NOTE: This isn’t officially a review; it’s more a way for me to process my thoughts and feelings about the game. So, beware–spoilers await.

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Amnesia: Memories | Shin Deserves Better

So, esturd, you ask, what have you been up to in your first year at college? Decided on a major yet? (Nope.) Found something productive to do over the summer? (Nope.) Made friends, or better yet, found a significant other? (Uhh… why even bother asking…)

But you know what, hypothetical reader that cares about my life? I HAVE accomplished things. I am now in committed relationship with MULTIPLE 2D GUYS. Yes. Life is great.

tl;dr I discovered otome games and this is going to be the death of me.

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