So, I Died

As expected. My commitment skills = close to none. It’s a miracle I even applied to college.

But also, I think I just needed to take some time to rethink my blog. If a blog is supposed to be “unique to you” or whatever, then I needed to do more than just churn out mediocre recaps and random assorted crap. I think one of my biggest flaws is that I don’t take time to perfect my work and just send in the first half-assed product I can get. I’m an anti-perfectionist, if that’s even a thing. “Good enough” are two of my most used words.

The thing is, that’s automatically creating a ceiling for myself and I know it. But laziness is more powerful than Goku in Super Saiyan mode. I succumb to it on a daily basis (and that chemistry homework still isn’t getting done…)

So, well, what does this mean for the eleventh moon?

I don’t know. I have decided I won’t be doing episodic recaps, because I’ve noticed that it affects the way I’m thinking while watching anime, and I don’t want anime-watching to turn into a formulaic, analytical process. I still want to enjoy myself.

Instead, I’ll allow whatever comes to come. I’ll aim for a blogpost once a week, force myself to edit and rethink what I write before posting, and let whatever flows out to flow. It could be about anything. Really, anything.

This could be another broken promise. I have a really bad track record for those. And frankly, I don’t even know if I have a readership to break a promise with anyway, haha.

So here we go.


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