Durarara!! x2 Ketsu | EP 9

It seems like things are finally coming to a head in Durarara. No pun intended.

Frankly, I still don’t know a lot of the characters’ names. But, in my defense, that’s because this show has them spilling out of its seams and never stops generating more. Most of the minor ones only get an episode or two of screentime, maybe even less, and they all flit around like ineffectual butterflies. But see, there’s this thing called the Butterfly Effect, which makes understanding Durarara’s narrative (or lack thereof) much harder for a forgetful viewer like me.

Don’t get me wrong–the past few seasons of Durarara have been hot messes, and I doubt anyone would dispute me on that. Some might argue that that’s the point of Durarara, an important facet of its personality, and while that may very well be true it doesn’t change that its nonlinear storytelling is damn confusing and hard to follow. I lost the narrative train on the tracks a long long time ago.

But now it’s starting to look like the threads are finally coming together. Celty has her head back. Ikebukuro has become the stage for a shoddy reenactment of The Walking Dead, complete with red eyes and Russian Sushi. Mikado and Masaomi, our star-crossed lovers, will soon meet again. Izaya and Shizuo… still hate each other.

In the end though it’s currently all still build-up. In fact, most of Durarara, including Ten and Ketsu, has been buildup. And here it looks like we might finally be hurtling across the train tracks to a conclusion.

Don’t fail me now, Durarara. Even if you crash and burn, please, at least make it entertaining.


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