Goals | Let’s Get Down to Business

All right, so I just started this thing today (yesterday, I guess) on a complete whim. Total impulse. I’ve put close to no thought into this, and frankly I have no idea what I plan to do with it next.

In starting this blog, I had a few goals. One, make something productive out of all the hours I was wasting watching anime. Two, develop my analytical skills and force myself to write more. Three, become an insanely popular and famous aniblogger. Earn money. Forget about college.

Clearly, I am being mature and thinking about the future.

But so far the only plans I have are to post bland, unorganized thoughts on the anime I’m currently watching and rant about my life. Which, honestly, reflects the extent of my thought process.

So I thought to myself in the shower as I waited for the cold water to turn warm. And, like all good showers, this was when inspiration struck.

If I want to improve as a creative writer, it only makes sense that I need to write more. Looking back, it’s astonishing seeing how much my writing has changed and matured as I’ve grown up. Writing about unicorns won’t cut it anymore.

But, when my anime phase began, my writing skidded to a halt. I only jammed out a few words for my literary magazine when it was absolutely necessary, because I was spending all my time binge-watching instead.

So what if I wrote about anime? Not just about it, like in recaps and reviews, but what if I took the characters I met and tried to get to know them a little better? What if I tried to answer questions like, What was Satoru’s life like in the original timeline? How did he cope with the serial killings? Or I could even ponder mysteries like, Why doesn’t Ling keep his eyes open? Does he realize how sketchy he looks?

Now, maybe this isn’t the most original idea. I’m sure dozens before me have thought of interesting and unique topics to approach, and frankly, I’m not sure how interesting or unique my own attempts will be. Maybe I’m just using this blog as an excuse to write glorified fanfiction. Who knows what the fruits of this labor will be.

And, since I have a horrible track record when it comes to following through, I’m writing this post as a promise to my readers (a grand total of zero, currently). My goal, which I will probably break, is to write one of these “unconventional” posts after every episode of anime I watch. If anything, it’ll succeed in making me rethink my life choices when it’s 4AM and I’m still clicking “Next Episode” because I have no impulse control.

So yeah. I’m going to click Publish now and regret it, but that’s okay. I think I’ve spent too much of my life overthinking things, so here we are.


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